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6 Signs That It Is Time to Schedule an Appointment at a Pain Clinic

Many people will schedule an appointment with their chiropractor at a local pain clinic in Memphis, TN when they have neck or back pain, but these are not the only signs that you might want to set an appointment. Here is a look at just six of the most common signs that it is time to seek out professional chiropractic services: 1. You Suffer From an “Invisible Illness” Issues such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are often referred to as “invisible illnesses” because they have little or no physical symptoms. A chiropractor can help these patients relieve pain, tenderness, and general discomfort.

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Back Pain: A Visit to a Chiropractor Can Change Things for the Better

When your back hurts, it’s hard to do the things you need to or the things you love to do, like exercising, playing with your children, or doing housework. You ought to know that chiropractors in Memphis or elsewhere can help. Chiropractic treatment mainly focuses not on illness but on wellness. Although people may think of chiropractors purely for spinal manipulation, they typically offer a wide range of other services as well. Chiropractic treatments in Memphis include counseling on diet, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle modification, and other healthy habits. The treatments are safe, drug-free and non-invasive. Many patients report immediate relief of their discomfort. For those who experience mild soreness, stiffness, or aching (similar to a session of intense exercise), the symptoms usually go away within 24 hours.

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Pain Clinic Services: Why Chiropractic Treatments for Pain Relief?

Chiropractic health care focuses on the spine as the central point for all of the body’s systems. Chiropractors work on correcting the spinal alignment of their patients to relieve pain and improve the body’s function, thereby promoting a fast recovery. With hands-on or manual spinal manipulation and other treatments, chiropractors can gradually restore mobility to joints that have been restricted by injured tissue from a traumatic event or health condition. They may also treat back problems that are due to a serious fall, repetitive stress-related actions, and doing various activities without proper back support.

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Get the Benefits of Good Spine Alignment with Help from a Chiropractor

Chiropractic is a natural form of health care in which doctors of chiropractic treat patients using spinal adjustments to restore proper functioning to the nervous system. This helps the body heal naturally without drugs or surgery. Spinal adjustment by a chiropractor involves application of a precise force to a specific part of the spine to correct any misalignment of the vertebrae, and allow for the normal transmission of nerve messages to all parts of the body. The spinal column is made up of 24 independent vertebrae that allow the body to have flexible motion. It protects the nervous system that carries messages to and from the brain to all of your muscles, organs, and tissue. This is why chiropractic considers a properly functioning spine as the beginning of an active lifestyle and a healthy body.

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Going for Solutions for Running Pain at a Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN

People wanting to experience the outdoors and be fit at the same time may consider running as their option. It is good cardiovascular exercise, but the distances you take with every run have their own way of wreaking havoc in your body. This would require extensive treatment at a pain clinic such as Chiropractic Memphis. The emphasis on treatments at a pain clinic for runners cannot be overlooked; Memphis, TN has a plethora of running trails and events that can sorely test even the most hardened competitors around, with the 26-mile St. Jude Marathon the biggest of them all.

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A Memphis Chiropractor can Administer Treatment for Truck Drivers

The trucking profession is one of the toughest lines of work in the entire country, with thousands of people driving massive rigs across the nation delivering all sorts of goods. While the satisfaction of keeping the economy moving is a relief, it is hardly the case for the drivers spending long hours on the road in terms of the effects on their bodies. Some quarters may recommend that a trucker undergo chiropractic treatment. Memphis’ location at the crux of state lines of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi gives the city strategic importance for economic movement for the central and southern regions. Dozens of trucking firms near SR 78, I-55, and I-240 are tailor-made for this drive, however, the trade-off could be the drivers’ health and well-being in the long run.

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Proper Chiropractic Care: Healthy Diet Supports Pain Clinic Visits

Chiropractic care treats various diseases and medical conditions, including chronic pain, but it is not the end-all of healing. Fully enjoying the healing benefits chiropractic care offers takes more than undergoing the procedures. Chiropractors, in fact, may advise you to start changing your lifestyle and diet, as they consider these important aspects of your recovery. The most basic philosophy of chiropractic care is that once the body has been balanced, both structurally and nutritionally, it would then be able to manage health problems by itself. There is definitely nothing better than following a nutritious diet in rejuvenating your body. Aside from visits to a pain clinic, making simple changes to the food you eat contributes greatly to your general well-being and helps prevent future health problems.

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Feeling the Pinch: Let a Skilled Chiropractor Help with Your Sciatica

Memphis residents who are constantly feeling pain along their back to their thighs may be experiencing something more than the occasional muscular pain. They may actually be suffering from sciatica, which is worse. Although you won’t be able to solve it by taking a few painkillers, treating it still will be possible with help from an expert chiropractor like one from Chiropractic-Memphis. Sciatica Basics Before you schedule your treatment though, you’ll need to know some basics about sciatica. The condition is called that because it concerns the sciatic nerve, which is the longest and widest nerve in the body and it runs from your lower back, down your buttocks and through the back of each leg. Through it, you can control your legs and feel the soles of your feet, thighs, and legs.

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Why Treatment at a Memphis, TN Pain Clinic is a Must for Many Pilots

Some people can develop an interest in flying and hone their bodies to standards as established by either the military or the civilian aviation industry. Earning the coveted pilot’s wings is already a challenge, but the long periods of scanning the airspace and your aircraft instrumentation tends to take a toll on your neck. This underlines the need for pain treatment at the first chance you get, according to Shahar Kenin’s article for DC Practice Insights. The aviator community in Tennessee, especially Memphis, may see the wisdom in neck pain treatment. The city is already a strong air transport hub with at least five major airlines touching down regularly at Memphis International, and the Tennessee Air National Guard hosts its 164th Airlift Wing at the nearby Memphis ANG Base. When the strain of flight poses unseen long-term problems on your body, have yourself checked out at a pain clinic such as Chiropractic-Memphis.

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Seeking Treatment from your Memphis Chiropractor for Intimacy Problems

Many couples can find that being intimate in a private setting aids in strengthening their relationship. All it may take is being honest and respectful of each other in going the extra mile. The question is: what if the man has a bad back that created a situation for erectile dysfunction (ED)? In an article for EmaxHealth, freelance health author Kathleen Blanchard said that chiropractic treatment can help reverse the situation and benefit both partners. The above can have some value among residents in Memphis, TN, especially people facing roadblocks behind closed doors. Sex therapist Dr. Candace Brown claimed that 43% of women already have problems with achieving satisfaction and many physicians are gradually figuring out solutions for reviving intimacy that may apply to both men and women. When the man could not step up because of back problems leading to ED, he will need a Memphis chiropractor such as one from Chiropractic-Memphis to help him turn things around.

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Trusted Memphis Pain Clinic: 2 Ways to Ease Pregnancy Aches and Pains

For many women, pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of their lives—and why shouldn’t it? In just a few short weeks, you’ll be introducing the newest member of your family to the world. Although the excitement you undoubtedly feel is justified, know that your body will begin to go through a number of changes in the next several months. In many cases, these rapid changes that your body undergoes can result in more than a few sore or tender body parts. Fortunately, there are many ways to address pregnancy aches and pains. One of the best ways to cope with your discomfort is to drop by a pain clinic in Memphis, TN.

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A Respected Memphis Chiropractor Can Treat More Than Just Back Pain

Whenever chiropractic care becomes the topic of conversation, many people start seeing mental images of a chiropractor in Memphis helping a patient with back pain issues. While there is nothing wrong with this, these people should know that an experienced chiropractor can do much more than address an aching back. As a whole, chiropractic care involves treating problems that affect joints, muscles, and the rest of the musculoskeletal system. This allows a chiropractor to treat a wide range of conditions, including: Sciatica Sciatica is characterized as an intense pain shooting through the leg. The symptom occurs when the sciatic nerve – a long nerve that runs from the lower back to the back of each leg – is irritated or compressed in the lumbar spine. Sciatica is usually experienced in just one leg, but many people who have experienced the symptom often claim that it is much more painful than back pain.

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Pain Clinics in Memphis, TN Can Ease Pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Are you beginning to lose feeling on your thumb and on your index and middle fingers, or perhaps you are feeling a tingling sensation in them? These are just two of the telltale signs that you have carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). To define it simply, CTS is the compression of the median nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel in your wrist. If you have it, you’d feel some tingling, numbness, weakness, or other problems in your hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the many conditions top pain clinics in Memphis, TN can treat or help you with relieving the symptoms.

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Skilled Memphis Chiropractors and Lifestyle Change can Ease Back Pain

At any given time, over 31 million Americans—or half of all working Americans—may experience lower back pain, which makes this one of the most common reasons why people miss work. Lower back pain is also the leading cause of disability worldwide, and the second most common reason for visits to a doctor or a chiropractor anywhere in the world. Stress, poor posture and injuries were the usual suspects in lower back pain, but now, according to a recent study, there may be other factors that contribute to the condition, increasing people’s need for a skilled Memphis chiropractor.

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Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN: Chiropractic Care for Pain Management

Chiropractic care has improved the well-being of millions of people throughout the world, from the ancient times when it was originally discovered until today. Its continuous development and evolution have allowed it to successfully treat aches and pains resulting from conditions that affect the spine and disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic is a proven effective way to relieve pain in the head and neck, upper back and shoulder, lower back and hip, pain during pregnancy, some pediatric conditions, and other non-musculoskeletal conditions. Chiropractors such as those in a pain clinic in Memphis, TN use non-invasive and drug-free methods to treat medical conditions and injuries. Due to their extensive education and training, professional athletes and sports teams, and even large corporations entrust their health to chiropractic doctors.

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Hard Hats Relief for Body Aches through Leading Memphis Chiropractor

A licensed practice like Chiropractor-Memphis offers a range of treatment options to address the above maladies. Spinal decompression, for example, involves gentle hand motions on the back to bring the spine back to natural posture and help release the built-up strain. A physical therapist may aid in the process through cold packs on affected muscle areas, among other soothing fixes. No able-bodied person wants to be denied a chance to earn a living where his skill lies in a high-risk profession as in the construction industry. Undergoing natural treatments with the help of a skilled chiropractor in Memphis is a step to improved wellness and better performance on the job.

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When a Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN Must Be Part of Your Fitness Regime

Your mind’s power over your body cannot be undermined. A recent PLOS Biology study proved once again that mindset is very significant in any sensory experience, particularly those involving pain. In the experiment, subjects were given thermal stimulations and asked to imagine the pain being more intense or less so throughout the test. They were supposed to picture the heat they were feeling as hot enough to melt or scorch their skin (like how a metal rod would) or as mild and warm enough to be quite pleasant (like when you snuggle under a blanket in front of the fireplace).The results were quite interesting. When the participants “mentally increased” the sensations, they became more painful, and when they visualized something more pleasurable, the pain subsided. The author concluded that the technique can be used to make exercises more comfortable, especially when you start feeling your muscles becoming sore or your feet developing a blister.

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Memphis Chiropractors: New Research Shed Light on Back Pain Causes

The prevalence of back pain, and the risk of becoming disabled because of untreated back pain, cannot be understated. In fact, 1 in 2 working Americans have admitted to experiencing symptoms of back pain each year, and 31 million Americans experience low-back pain. The causes for back pain have been traced to injuries, sometimes even poor posture, which sprains or ruptures ligaments, muscles, joints, or discs that comprises the spine. Now, a recent study shed light on many more reasons behind the sometimes nagging back pain which needs attention from a trusted Memphis chiropractor, and, according to this new research, these causes of back pain could happen more often than you think.

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Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN Offer Chiropractic Care and More for Relief

Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists or progresses over a very long period of time, usually longer than six months. It is estimated that 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, which can be caused by either of these two factors: an existing medical condition and injury or infection. Luckily, there are many available treatment options, especially from a leading pain clinic in Memphis, TN such as Chiropractic Memphis. An established Memphis pain clinic is a health care institution that typically specializes on chronic pain relief along with other illnesses that result in pain (e.g. pregnancy related back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.). Practitioners in a chiropractic pain clinic diagnoses and identifies symptoms of chronic pain and then employs a pain management plan that includes a variety of therapy and wellness programs to help alleviate the pain a patient experiences.

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Treatments from a Chiropractor in Memphis Can Be for Children, Too

Bed rest and exercising are some of the self-care activities that may help lessen back pain. Stretching and abdominal exercises help in strengthening a person’s core, which in turn benefits the abdominal and back muscles that diminishes discomfort; however, when pain lasts for several weeks, or can be considered chronic in nature and other medical interventions didn’t work, it is highly recommended to consult a reputable Memphis chiropractor from established practices like Chiropractic-Memphis and see what he has to say. A Memphis chiropractor specializes on the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions that affect the neuro-musculoskeletal system. Additionally, they administer chiropractic care for other conditions too. Note that a reliable practitioner understands the importance of a person’s overall well-being and cares for his patients through his knowledge and experience in the chiropractic field.